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Learn about the many ways business people use Black Tiger Belgium

software and expertise to solve their biggest data problems.

OVHcloud chooses native and international Data Quality solution

It is a modular platform that allows great flexibilty in installation but also scalability over time, so it continues to answer our evolving business needs”

Toyota & Lexus – Pioneers in cars and…data!

Toyota continuously invests in a strong, future proof Data Quality Strategy, within the applicable legal framework, to navigate our brands ever changing business challenges.”

Making the DPO dream come true : easy and correct access to data subject information

“When we get data subject requests, I’m in trouble. I start the long and difficult search for all the individual’s data in all our systems”

Ensuring a correct and unique view of the customer database

“We wanted to manage new potential clients correctly and not pollute the existing data while managing risk processes” 

Efficiently managing data entry processes and consolidating all sources

“It is more important than ever to connect all data points of and contact moments with my customer”



More efficient donor data management : a first step towards growth

8 % more fundraising income

From 27% loyal, repeat donors to 44%

Save time through automation




Ensuring pro-active data quality in the contract sign-up process

“Unfortunately, our data are not always correct: typing errors, incomplete information,… All these issues impact the next steps in our data process.”

How a food brand drives cross-sell across its product range, with data and relevant content and offers

“We want our consumers to try and continue to use as many products as possible from our extensive range of innovative products.”

Identification for risk management and fraud prevention in e-commerce

Black Tiger Belgium’s data quality and data management solution allows to increase revenue in your web shop, thanks to the best possible customer experience.

Building my own data platform brick by brick

“The Black Tiger data management technology modules are gradually being implemented, as I wish, in my IT.”

How to unify web shop and physical shop flows to work with reliable data? 

“I don’t really trust the data in my customer base. I have too many duplicate customers, not to mention households. I would like to be sure of the quality of my customer base.”

The 360° customer view AND the 360° product view at the service of customer relations

“When the customer comes into my dealership, I want to know which car he/she has, when he/she came, what repairs have been done and for what budget”





How a brand of mineral water builds loyalty with data

How can first party data build better brand loyalty for a mineral water brand? Our collaboration started off as a CRM consultancy track, helping our customer to develop a broader strategic vision for a diversified product range.




INNO teams up with Black Tiger to develop and deploy their business, marketing and CRM strategy

Discover here how the relationship between Black Tiger Belgium and INNO is much more important than a simple client/supplier relationship.

Poor data quality, source of loss and risk

To what extent is your business losing out, because of poor data quality? Research by Black Tiger Belgium shows that, on average, a Belgian company is unable to reach 6.75% of their active customers because of poor data.

Road 65 : challenges of a Belgian omni-channel apparel retailer

The Road 65 street reference and recognition software provides the apparel retailer with added value in many domains, both operational as marketing. An indispensable tool for driving a healthy business.

Data visualization for a better understanding of your customers

“As a Fashion retailer, we are able to make our data work in a profitable way using Black Tiger Belgium data visualization on top of a very reliable data quality layer.”

Ethias reduces churn with 10% and increases cross-sell campaigns effectiveness through predictive modeling

Ethias took advantage of Black Tiger Belgium’s experience in predictive models to determine the risk of churn for each of his customers.

Predictive modeling based on an Analytical Single View

Black Tiger Belgium created an Analytical Single View that provides a 360° view on the customers of the bank.

Proven ROI for a renowned travel company thanks to Black Tiger’s customer view

With our solution, they have been able to quadruple the effectiveness of their communication and reduce costsby nearly 40€ per sent mailing.

Real time matching with your client database

“I want to personalize each step in the process to offer the best services to my (potential) new client”