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Learn about the many ways business people use Black Tiger Belgium software and expertise to solve their biggest data problems.


How to unify web shop and physical shop flows to work with reliable data? 

“I don’t really trust the data in my customer base. I have too many duplicate customers, not to mention households. I would like to be sure of the quality of my customer base.”



Making the DPO dream come true : easy and correct access to data subject information

“When we get data subject requests, I’m in trouble. I start the long and difficult search for all the individual’s data in all our systems”


INNO teams up with Black Tiger to develop and deploy their business, marketing and CRM strategy

Discover here how the relationship between Black Tiger Belgium and INNO is much more important than a simple client/supplier relationship.



Road 65 : challenges of a Belgian omni-channel apparel retailer

The Road 65 street reference and recognition software provides the apparel retailer with added value in many domains, both operational as marketing. An indispensable tool for driving a healthy business.




Data visualization for a better understanding of your customers

“As a Fashion retailer, we are able to make our data work in a profitable way using Black Tiger Belgium data visualization on top of a very reliable data quality layer.”




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Poor data quality, source of loss and risk

To what extent is your business losing out, because of poor data quality? Research by Black Tiger Belgium shows that, on average, a Belgian company is unable to reach 6.75% of their active customers because of poor data.