The personal data technology company

In a world of constantly changing data, some speak of "challenges" and "constraints", we prefer to speak of innovation.

Our proposal

The personal data technology company

Black Tiger Belgium is part of the Black Tiger Group (FR), a software company specialized in personal data management as well as GDPR.

Built on values of ethics, transparency and innovation, we help companies achieve their goals by using their customers' personal data in full compliance.

We support our clients to implement and optimize their business and operational strategy in compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation.

Black Tiger Belgium – technology, data science and services

Why the tiger?

The tiger's coat is a real identity card, each tiger has an incomparable coat, which reminds us of the uniqueness of the human being. The tiger in the Black Tiger logo represents the uniqueness of each of our customers and our commitment to them.

Why black?

Black is synonymous with rigor, accuracy and sobriety, three nouns that are reminiscent of the handling of raw technology, as it can be found in its application by Black Tiger.

A long history, a bright future

Black Tiger Belgium has been active in the Belgian and European market since the early 1970s. It has acquired over 40 years of expertise in data quality and data management. The company was part of several international groups (Sopres, WegenerDM / WDM Belgium and Bisnode), before becoming part of the Black Tiger group.

From the build up of the expertise of Black Tiger and Black Tiger Belgium will come many opportunities, at levels ranging from technology to services, with a focus on performance and compliance, for strong and sustainable growth.

Member of the Black Tiger group

Leader in certified and refined data, Black Tiger has designed and deployed the first Personal Data Platform based on the latest technologies for immediate and intelligent data exploitation.

Based in Paris, the company is organized around a multi-cultural executive committee, composed of members from the IT, defense, automotive and aerospace industries.

The pillars of our DNA


All personal data touches the privacy of every individual in the most direct way, hence our obsession with data ethics. The Black Tiger Belgium team is pleased to market the first end-to-end, data quality and native GDPR platform.


From technology to customer relations and management, at Black Tiger transparency is at the heart of everything. Data traceability is a given and must be a central topic for our clients. Transparency, as a recurring and unavoidable theme at Black Tiger, is translated into nocode development to allow all end users to easily and fully understand the tools they use.


Change is inevitable. Either we undergo it or we anticipate it. At Black Tiger Belgium, we are passionate about technological innovation and we anticipate it.

Your data is kept safe, local and well-protected

Personal data is private data. It is therefore inevitable to approach security issues with the utmost seriousness. At Black Tiger Belgium, we don't compromise on security.

Our customers

They use their customers' personal data to serve them better.

What they all have in common is that they choose to leverage customer data in full GDPR compliance.

Our clients range from very small start-ups to mid-sized companies and global corporations. They operate in a wide range of industries including banking and finance, retail, automotive, fundraising, energy, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Shape your future at Black Tiger Belgium

Black Tiger Belgium is a leading personal data expert company, part of the Black Tiger group. Black Tiger’s team embarks daily on a real human adventure to create the first solution that focuses on the ethical management and use of data. As an employee, you have the opportunity to shape your own and other’s future – a future built on ethics, transparency and innovation.

Black Tiger Belgium - Technology, data science and services

Discover how to manage and use your data in high compliance

  • Black Tiger’s Master Data Platform
  • Unified data
  • 360° view of the customer
  • Data visualisation
  • Marketing activation
  • Business data activation
  • Reliable data
  • GDPR compliance& risk management

  • Normalization, matching, validation
  • Creation of a single customer view
  • Identification
  • Movers updating
  • Fraud detection
  • Data processing



  • Second party data exchange
  • Data science –Business intelligence
  • Data, marketing and business services & consulting
  • Co-creation of data solutions
  • Data expertise on demand
  • R&D for custom projects
  • GDPR services