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About Black Tiger Belgium

Expert in the Data Business, Technologist and Innovator

As a technologist with a passion for innovation, our ambition is to give companies the means to unleash the full value of their data.

Our 3 pillars: ethics, transparency,innovation.

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years of experience in data

employees in 4 countries

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Black Tiger Belgium is part of the Black Tiger Group (FR), a software company that develops the Master Data Platform to enable companies to think and act digital natively, instead of running behind in an endless digital transformation.

Built on values of ethics, transparency and innovation, we help companies achieve their goals by using their customers’ personal data in full compliance.

Building a new generation of data leaders

We start at the end.

Our technology is designed to bring business results and make your digital native for real. We empower leaders to drive data innovation in their companies, by keeping full control of their data solution and build it up, step by step..

For Tech Frontiers Opener

We are different

Going beyond standards applied by technology companies. We bring your business fast forward, to the new era of digitalization..

A long history, a bright future 

Black Tiger Belgium has been active in the Belgian and European market since the early 1970s. It has acquired over 40 years of expertise in data quality and data management. The company was part of several international groups (Sopres, WegenerDM / WDM Belgium and Bisnode), before becoming part of the Black Tiger group.

What makes us different?

We offer the one and only platform for end-to-end processing of all data-related issues :

  • Data Governance, based on 30 years of business expertise in Data Quality

  • Business Data Activation, based on 30 years of business operational expertise

  • GDPR compliance, resulting from anticipating the evolution of the data market

Where the technological data market has evolved in a multi-disciplinary and complex way (Data warehouse, data lake, CDP, RCU…), Black Tiger wished to simplify the data exploitation processes.

You know your business; we bring you the technology and the data know-how so that you can conduct your business with complete peace of mind.

The pillars of our DNA


Passionate about innovation and technology, the Black Tiger teams are constantly evolving in a challenging and ever-changing environment, which pushes them to offer the best of themselves in order to anticipate change without ever being subjected to it.


From technology to customer relations and management, at Black Tiger, transparency is at the heart of everything. It is an essential theme that is embedded both in our use of technology and in our relationship with our clients. This is reflected in our no-code development, which makes it easy for any end user to understand our solution.


Personal data represents the very essence of any individual’s private life, and this, in a direct way. The Black Tiger teams are fully aware of these issues and are pleased to market the first end-to-end platform with a native GDPR module.


Why Black Tiger?

The tiger’s coat is unique. Indeed, the coat of the tiger is a real identity card and is not comparable to any other. It reminds us of the uniqueness of the human being and the singularity of each company. The use of the tiger as the logo for Black Tiger represents the distinctiveness of each client and their own customers.

The color black is synonymous with rigor, precision and sobriety, three nouns that sum up the technology we produce. Furthermore, the color black is often associated with the luxury sector as it is synonymous with service excellence, a quality that we strive to implement.


They trust us

Black Tiger Belgium – Technology, data science and services

Discover how to manage and use your data in high compliance


  • Black Tiger’s Master Data Platform
  • Unified data
  • 360° view of the customer
  • Data visualisation
  • Marketing activation
  • Business data activation
  • Reliable data
  • GDPR compliance & risk management



  • Normalization, matching, validation
  • Creation of a single customer view
  • Identification
  • Movers updating
  • Fraud detection
  • Data processing



  • Second party data exchange
  • Data science –Business intelligence
  • Data, marketing and business services & consulting
  • Co-creation of data solutions
  • Data expertise on demand
  • R&D for custom projects
  • GDPR services


In real time and continuously, use consistently reliable data for confident business activations.