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Discover how to manage and use your data in high compliance

Customer Data Platform

  • Black Tiger’s Master CDP
  • Unified data
  • 360° view of the customer
  • Data visualisation
  • Marketing activation
  • Business data activation
  • Reliable data
  • GDPR compliance& risk management

Data Quality

  • Normalization, matching, validation
  • Creation of a single customer view
  • Identification
  • Movers updating
  • Fraud detection
  • Data processing



  • Second party data exchange
  • Data science –Business intelligence
  • Data, marketing and business services & consulting
  • Co-creation of data solutions
  • Data expertise on demand
  • R&D for custom projects
  • GDPR services

Bisnode Belgium is now Black Tiger Belgium

Paris based Black Tiger completed the acquisition of Bisnode Belgium and as from 21/6, we have become Black Tiger Belgium

About Black Tiger Belgium

The personal data expert company

Black Tiger Belgium is part of the Black Tiger Group (FR), a software company specialized in personal data management as well as GDPR.

Built on values of ethics, transparency and innovation, we help companies achieve their goals by using their customers’ personal data in full compliance .

We support our clients to implement and optimize their business and operational strategy in compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation.

More about Black Tiger Belgium

  • Technology
  • Data science
  • Services

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Black Tiger as CIO Review coverstory

"Black Tiger is a software editor, which developed a new generation Customer Data Platform, « Master CDP » specialized in business data activation, natively supporting data quality and compliance issues." Anne-Tania DESMETTRE, CEO Black Tiger. Discover the full interview

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What is the best approach to data sharing?

Data sharing is trending. There are many applications where data comparison or exchange with one or more data partners will create new opportunities.

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What can 2nd party data do for you?

Have you ever considered what 2nd party data could do for you? How could the exchange of relevant data with a data partner support your business objectives?

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Second and Third Party Data, an indispensable addition to your own data

Data are generally divided into Zero, First, Second and Third party data. These terms are often used in relation to market evolutions driven by both privacy legislation and changes in consumer attitudes towards their...

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Do you already have a Zero and First Party data strategy?

Data is usually divided into First, Second and Third party data. These terms are often used in relation to market evolutions driven by both privacy legislation and changes in consumer attitudes towards their personal data.

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Anne-Tania Desmettre is the guest of Michel Denisot!

Anne-Tania Desmettre, CEO of Black Tiger, is the guest of Michel Denisot for his programme "Le grand entretien". She answers all his questions about Black Tiger and its Master Customer Data Platform, which addresses all the challenges of data. (video in French)

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Black Tiger Belgium on Canal Z / Kanaal Z!

Black Tiger Belgium had the pleasure to participate in TV shows "Un Regard Dans le Business" (Canal Z - video in French) and "Alle Zaken Op Een Rijtje (Kanaal Z - video in Dutch) to talk about our new generation Customer Data Platform called the "Master CDP".

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Success Stories (LN24)

Success Stories (LN24) Anne-Tania Desmettre, CEO of Black Tiger, had the pleasure to be invited on the set of the program Success Stories (LN24) and to discuss the Black Tiger platform, personal data management and GDPR with Pierre Hermant. (video in french)

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Black Tiger Belgium is a leading personal data expert company, part of the Black Tiger group. Black Tiger’s team embarks daily on a real human adventure to create the first solution that focuses on the ethical management and use of data. As an employee, you have the opportunity to shape your own and other’s future – a future built on ethics, transparency and innovation.

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