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Use-Case Insurance

Ensuring a correct and unique view of the customer database

For almost a decade, Black Tiger Belgium supports one of the biggest insurance companies in the creation of a Single Customer View of their policy holders and potential clients.

“As policy holders have often multiple insurance policies, it is important for us to keep a correct and unique view on our customer database”

Director Data Quality

“We wanted to manage new potential clients correctly and not pollute the existing data while managing risk processes”

Marketing Manager


Manage the data correctly, to service policy holders and potential customers in the best way possible

Have a full view on the insurance portfolio of each customer

Handle related administrative processes correctly and efficiently

Manage risks


An automated, robust and tailor-made process for the continuous creation and maintenance of the Single Customer View

Several millions of records are matched with our Belgian B2C referential for DQ purposes using strong matching algorithms based on 35+ years of experience

Double-check of individual and households keys (unique identifiers)

  • Evaluation and update of the quality of the 360° view
  • Avoid doubles

A regular check guarantees that the Single Customer View is still correct

Indication of the quality of the different data elements (name, first name, date of birth, address)

  • Indication of correctness of the elements and whether they should be updated (movers)

Continuous correct and up to date information on insurance customers.

24/7 automated process

  • Tailormade process to post batch files in function of the companies’ specific needs and IT planning.

Status meetings on regular basis

  • Evaluate collaboration
  • Ensuring fit between the solution and evolving needs of the company.


Records processed on a yearly basis

hour, Processing time per batch