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You never have to convince a fundraiser of the vital importance of data – in this case, you can take “vital importance” literally for once. As a fundraiser, you need to know your donors, understand their needs and behavior, and even be able to predict it.

For more than 30 years we have been helping fundraisers with data management and postal & digital communication to their target audience.

In doing so, they have different objectives:

  • thanking,
  • building loyalty,
  • converting one-off donors to recurring donations,
  • informing regular donors about what is being achieved in the field,
  • developing donor journeys to counteract churn and promote growth…

For a fundraiser, a high-performance data platform is a must-have: all relevant transactional and behavioral data in one central platform, supporting GDPR compliance, managing ad hoc and automated processes to deliver the right content to the right donor at the right time, and through their preferred channel. A platform that offers segmentation and data analytics to sharply track and predict revenue.

A fundraiser often has very challenging goals, in a very competitive market. In (post)covid times where acquisition and donor interaction has long been under pressure, the importance of a solid data-driven loyalty program cannot be overestimated.

We support our fundraising clients with a solution that adapts to their needs, be it marketing, strategy or operational concerns. Our teams offer advice and assistance in setting up successful campaigns.

Every day we are committed to our clients: some large and medium-sized charities that also challenge us with their own growth path to keep evolving with them.