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Ensuring pro-active data quality in the contract sign-up process

Signing up new CONTRACTS? Main source of data errors!

When a customer signs up for a new energy contract, a lot of processes are launched:

  • managing the contract switch
  • exchanging data with different parties in the energy market
  • payment processes, …

The more complete and correct the data are at the start, the more cost-efficiently, client-friendly and timely the necessary processes can be run.

“Unfortunately, our data are not always correct: typing errors, incomplete information, fraudulent information, old information, … All these issues impact the next steps in our data process.”

Manager Data Governance

Final client objective

Garbage in = garbage out. The sooner in the process you intervene to get the data right, the more you will benefit from your data quality efforts.

Smooth data entry processes with reliable data

Black Tiger Belgium supports the data entry processes with efficient and real-time data quality tools as part of the Master Data Platform solution.

Manage data coming from different data entry processes

Check completeness, accuracy, consistency, validity

Team of DQ and data management experts

Support to integrate DQ solutions in your ecosystem

Welcoming new clients and renewing cont(r)acts with existing clients is a key objective for each company, no matter the industry.

This involves managing large fluxes of incoming personal data correctly and efficiently, in line with your data governance processes. The main goals?  Provide best-in class customer service. Propose the next best offer. Provide personal and relevant information. Be cost efficient.