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Use-Case E-commerce

Identification for risk management and fraud prevention in e-commerce

Black Tiger Belgium’s data quality and data management solution allows to increase revenue in your web shop, thanks to the best possible customer experience, while decreasing costs of non-payment, non-deliverability and inefficiencies in operational processes

Since the beginning of Covid19 pandemic, the e-commerce has boomed more than ever before. Hence, many retailers are much more dependent on this sales channel. But the related business risks have increased proportionally.


Managing business risk, without impacting web shop UX or the onboarding process

 To be successful, e-retailers need to find the right balance:

“We want to offer a frictionless customer experience in our web shop, offering the best products, but also the best delivery and payment services.”

E-commerce marketer

“We constantly need to manage our risks:  cart abandonment, non-delivery, non-payment, fraud, fake reviews on our website,…

E-commerce operations officer

Those risks have an important impact on the company: lost revenue, extra handling costs in customer service or fraud department, inefficient operational processes, impact on your image,…


Risk management through identification and identity verification

For example:

  • offer after-delivery payment instead of prepayment
  • offer only a limited number of payment possibilities
  • decide to perform extra verifications in back office

The Master Data Platform performs identity validation via easy-to-integrate real-time API’s.


Real-time verification & identification

Proven data quality tools

Relevant consumer referential data for data quality


+30 years’ experience in data matching

Easy to  integrate API’s

“Correct and verified consumer data is the basis for a good customer relationship, throughout the whole customer journey.”

Lynn Van Avermaet – Solution Marketing Lead, Black Tiger Belgium