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Data Quality Native

No more “Garbage in, Garbage out”

  • You have understood that the expertise of the Data Quality is rare.
  • This is why it must be natively embedded in the technology you use.
  • This is the only way to fully meet business expectations.

Intelligent recognition of personal data

Native and automatic recognition of input personal data in real time, regardless of volume..

Proven algorithms to serve your business

Data Quality algorithms proven for over 30 yearsnatively and automatically embedded in the solution.

No boundaries

Restructuring, postal standardisation, international validation by machine learning, various languages and scripts, whatever the volume.


Quality Score

Our Quality Score gives you a clear picture of the reliability of your data.

Decide with confidence.


Data Profiling

Completeness, occurrence, quality of your emails, your postal addresses, your telephones… examine and analyse the information of all your data.

Data Stewardship

Dynamic, intuitive and configurable dashboarding for governance and auditing of personal data quality.


Does “Garbage in, Garbage Out” mean anything to you ? Contact us!