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Cloud Tiger

We fight for freedom

from IT constraints

In the IT world, what is not in production does not exist

Deploy the Black Tiger Platform or any Techno Stack on any Cloud


The 3 questions to ask yourself: 

How to bring

my code in production?

How to maintain

my code in production?

How to develop

my code in production?

A unique software capable of freeing you permanently of IT constraints

Unified management of an entire IT architecture

Drive an entire IT architecture from a single configuration file, using a unified syntax across infrastructure providers and other public clouds.

Rollback by design, minimising technological grip

Avoid sticking as much as possible with a reversible design. It's simple and easy to continue working with the underlying Cloud Tiger tools.

Synchronisation between Terraform and Ansible

Easily navigate information between Terraform and Ansible, backed by a large catalogue of Terraform modules, roles and Ansible playbooks.

Our challenge today is to free as many people as possible from the constraints of IT, so that as many users and companies as possible can focus on their added value, i.e. their code, rather than on going to production.

Antoine Deblonde - Black Tiger

Your entire IT architecture in a single configuration file

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