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Data sharing is trending. There are many applications where data comparison or exchange with one or more data partners will create new opportunities.

Exchanging data is something you want to do in a safe, ethical and, of course, law-abiding way. What you certainly cannot do is simply supply data to each other.

What do you need to organize this correctly?

Obviously one or more relevant data partners: a party that has exactly the data available that can make a difference for you. It is even more convenient if your company can be an interesting partner for this party.

It is crucial to be on the same page with those data partner(s) when it comes to respect for the GDPR and ethical use of personal data. Transparency is key here, between partners and towards the consumer. Lay down clear agreements between you and your partner(s):

  • What data will it be about?
  • What restrictions are attached to the use of these data?
  • How long will the cooperation last?
  • What exactly is allowed to happen with the data?

Preferably work with a neutral intermediary or solution that can link the data for you and take care of the further data activation or data analysis. Technically, there are methods to handle personal data in a very safe way, both with readable personal data and with pseudonymised data. This neutral intermediary guarantees that only the instructions of both parties are followed and nothing else happens with the data.

You also need a technically qualitative solution for correct data matching. If you link data sets in a messy way, you will also get a messy result. Data matching is a craft, and also the processing after linking the data requires the necessary data knowledge. Especially if data science skills are applied to the matched data.

And last but not least, ask yourself how the consumer fits into this picture. As for any other data processing, it is important to take into account the consumer’s expectations. His or her rights must be respected: in particular, the right to be informed and to be able to easily object to a certain use of his or her data must be given the necessary attention here. In this context, transparency and respect are the building blocks of an ethical and healthy relationship between company and consumer.

Would you like to know more? As a neutral party with the right solutions and knowledge, we will gladly help you. Do not hesitate to contact us!