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Platform that unifies

Better data governance through


  • The company that is Digital Native governs its data.
  • To govern well, you have to unify.

Data Integration

Simplification of the acquisition of any data flow, with no limits on volume or heterogeneity, while guaranteeing the traceability of information..

Data Quality

Proven algorithms, Data Stewardship / Data Profiling approach, giving business teams control over the reliability of activated data

GDPR compliance

Native and guaranteed compliance with as-code approach. The module also adapts to other international regulations in force.


Business rules

Customisable integration by sector and by company to ensure sustainable and unlimited operation, regardless of the purpose of activation.


360° Vision

A unified view of your customers for effective business activations, taking into account all of your customers’ touchpoints.

Big Data Set

Easily harness the power of Big Data to better understand your customers and implement relevant targeted actions that generate business

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