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The Master Data Platform : a modular customer data platform

Data are the lifeblood of today’s businesses. By activating customer data, companies can offer better customer experiences, make strategic decisions and engage in targeted marketing. No wonder the number of CDPs – Customer Data Platforms – is on the rise. “The Master Data Platform, a unified platform for all data challenges, goes one step further,” says An Louwagie of Black Tiger Belgium.

The value of data can hardly be overestimated. With the storage of demographic and behavioural data, companies are sitting on a gold mine. They find insights from which they can extract personalised customer service and gain strategic advantages over other companies. Currently, the data ecosystem is experiencing a lot of turbulence, with hurdles hindering access to customers: on the one hand, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and on the other, consumers who have become more sensitive to their data management. Thirdly, third party cookies will disappear in the near future. The answer is simple: collect the data yourself. Such as “zero party data” – the data that the customer voluntarily communicates – and “first party data”, such as surfing, click and purchase data.

“The Master Data Platform is a unified platform that seamlessly connects different tools in a transparent way and takes your data activation to the next level.”


Structuring and connecting data

But data is pretty useless if you don’t unlock it. This is where the CDP comes in. The collection of data from various touch points must at some point result in the structuring and combining of this data on a platform. This is where you put the pieces of the puzzle for each individual customer profile. In other words, CDPs are the key to understanding and activating the customer.

Master Data Platform: taking data activation to the next level

“We are not activating just any data, but especially the right ones: a ‘single customer view’ can only be created by correctly linking data. Within the platform, we have therefore included a native data quality module, which allows companies to focus deeply on data quality. In addition, activating more data also means a potentially higher risk of non-compliance. A risk that no organization can take. That is why there is the GDPR module, which applies the 99 rules of the GDPR. The platform calculates a unique GDPR score, which indicates the risk per individual in real time, based on the source of the data and its use in campaigns. The Master Data Platform is thus a unified platform that brings together different tools in a seamless way: a range of modular units with which you can quickly build your data house as an open ecosystem and manage and activate large data volumes in real time.”

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