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Geo-Info, the geo marketing tool

Customer insights & segmentation

Market and POS potential


to feed and support geo marketing


Geo marketing is a powerful tool to help you gain insights into your markets, customers and prospects and to create actionable segmentations to provide a better customer experience, adapt communication and media and take better business decisions.

Deploy Geo-Info’s socio-demographic, -economic and -geographic information and get to know your customers, calculate market potential and locate clusters of potential clients, optimize your point-of-sale network, etc…

Gain insight in the profile of your customers, segment and adapt communication & media


Profile and segment, based on a chosen set of relevant variables, like

    • age class repartition
    • household typology
    • social class
    • urbanization
    • Dividuals® consumer segmentation

Select relevant neighborhoods or street segments to optimize media target group selections, based on discerned profiles or segments.

Analyze your market and point-of-sales potential

Use the rich Geo-Info data to

  • analyze your brand’s global market potential, or for each point-of-sales
  • evaluate your market penetration
  • gain insight into and visualize of the geographic distribution of your clients
  • define of «influencing zones»
  • optimize your sales network
  • identify new POS location

Identify, quantify and locate your targets to create statistical models.

Connect with Belgian consumers through Dividuals®

Black Tiger Belgium now offers a new and unique consumer segmentation, created by SIRIUS Insight within Geo-Info, called Dividuals®.

Dividuals® allows you to visualize the diversity of Belgian consumers in order to isolate your customers and prospects and define who they are, where they live, their age, how they consume, how they behave, what media they use, and more.

Thanks to an advanced segmentation based on more than 2.000 criteria, you will be able to visualize all Belgian households, grouped according to their similarities and located precisely at neighborhood or street segment level.

Flexible, powerful & reliable


  • Available at different geographic levels: zip code, municipality (NIS5), neighborhood (NIS9) and street segment
  • Representative of all Belgian households
  • Updated on yearly basis
  • Highly reliable statistical data

Use Geo-Info together with Road65, Black Tiger Belgium’s street recognition tool, to connect your address data to the right neighborhood or street segment

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