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Do you know that an average company uses only 10% of all available data? Just imagine what that means for decision making, given that 90% of the available data is not considered. What if, for example, 70% of all data could be accessed? Would the same decisions be made then? As a CEO, this should interest you…

Actually, companies have everything they need to make the right decisions in-house. They have valuable information about their own market, their customers, their operations, their competitors, their costs….

All this information, if properly processed and accessed, would provide management with stronger solutions to crucial business issues. Just think about growth, cost optimisation, innovation, restructuring, customer satisfaction, evolution, etc. These are issues that consultancies are only too eager to focus on and for which business leaders hire them. While the information (and often the skills) are available internally in companies.

After all, who knows the company better than its own employees? The question should not be: “who analyses the problem?”, but rather, “how is it analyzed and based on what data?

Is it still acceptable that in 2023 a business leader is not directly involved in the project to leverage all available business data? That different business and technical departments are trying to tackle the proper use of data? While they often have different visions, they only have partial insights and do not always have the necessary resources.

Let’s be clear: we note that different teams often make the most of their expertise and available tools. But uncoordinated efforts produce suboptimal and patchy results.

Moreover, value creation based on data is really an art in itself. You need extensive data expertise, in-depth GDPR knowledge and appropriate technology. And therefore, the right partners.

Based on the above elements, we at Black Tiger Belgium believe that data is a topic that should be discussed at the board level and where CEOs who want to make the right decisions regarding current and future business operations should take the lead.

As a technology company with a passion for data and innovation, Black Tiger Belgium aims to provide CEOs and their team with the tools to unlock the full value of their data. Our technology is designed to drive business results and make you truly “digital native”. We enable leaders to drive data innovation in their companies, by taking full control of their data solution and building it step by step.