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“We’re moving our data center “. If you are a data company, this means nothing less than that you are about to move the beating heart of your business. This is about a project on which our IT team has been working intensively and dedicatedly for months. We made the choice to work with LCL in Diegem, which is known as the best connected data center in Belgium. LCL Belgium N.V. is now officially a sub processor of Black Tiger Belgium for data processing.

We would like to give you an exclusive insight into the location where data of Black Tiger Belgium and its customers are processed from now on.

Security is a key!

    LCL, a state-of-the art tier 3 data center, is like a 7-star hotel for servers. Every detail has been thought through. Nothing is left to chance. Let’s have a look together… You won’t notice much at the start of your visit: a discreet but beautiful building, surrounded by a closed car park. If you take a closer look, you will notice that the lock is electrically secured: you cannot just walk in here. Security is key! The location is perfect: there is access to two major electricity networks (airport/Brussels) and to an impressive hub of fiber-optic connections that provide that all-important connectivity.

    LCL provides secure access to the data center via an innovative security checkpoint optimized by a palm reader and facial recognition software. This allows you to enter the data center with a code as well as your own biometrics. This is the first step. Then you step into an lock in which your weight and body shape are scanned. During a recent tour, we were given an impressive overview of the security and protection techniques. Modern and environmentally friendly extinguishing techniques (Novec 1230), chemical monitoring of the air in the building, separate routes for all important cabling, lightning conduits, a floating floor with cooling installations underneath, humidity control, heat dissipation, …

    We’ve got the power!

    LCL ensures constant energy, not only because of its excellent location but also because of two impressive rooms full of batteries and a roof full of diesel generators that can cope with a power outage of more than a few days if necessary. Everything here exists in duplicate, to ensure redundancy: not one room full of batteries, but two. Not one cooling system with thousands of litres of cooling water, but two. Not one set of diesel generators, but… You got it. Everything double.

    Data kept in optimal shape…

    Black Tiger Belgium has a “client room” available here. In this IT room, there is a cold corridor, and in it, our new servers find their new home. If we counted correctly, there are 7 different security layers before you can enter this closed room. And here the fire protection, cooling, humidity and environment are optimal to keep your servers in top shape. A 24/7 monitoring as well as availability by specialized staff not only relieves Black Tiger Belgium, but also ensures the necessary security.

    But speed is also crucial, since everything happens online today. The biggest challenge is therefore to exchange data quickly, flexibly, scalably and securely. Data availability and speed of data processing depend on how fast data travels from one point to another. LCL guarantees super fast connections thanks to access to thousands of fiber pairs and more than 40 telecom providers. 

    Not unimportant: LCL can boast an impressive range of certificates. ISO certificates, Tier 3 IBM, EU Code of Conduct for Data Centers, PCI DSS, … What really appeals to Black Tiger Belgium is LCL’s commitment to climate neutrality by 2030.

    In short, your and our data have found a safe, local, well-protected home with the professionals at LCL.

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