Data sharing made easy, secure and accurate.

Secure & accurate data sharing

A neutral solution to match and connect your data with data partners

DataXchange is a data sharing platform designed by Black Tiger Belgium to allow ad  hoc or continuous data sharing between 2 or more parties, to support those parties in reaching their business objectives.

The platform is matching personal data records, thus building a matrix of qualified business and reference data with your own data and partner data.

A high level of security is guaranteed throughout the process which can happen in a completely PII- neutral way. Moreover, with this solution you make sure your data is handled by a neutral processor.

Once a data matrix with matched data sets is created, all Black Tiger Belgium know-how and services are available to run analytics or set up activation of the shared data.

Use cases

A neutral solution to match and connect your data with data partners

Build Insights

  • Create new insights by combining external data with your own data.
  • These valuable insights may only be available to you if you can indirectly access information available in a 2nd party data source.

Lead generation

  • Start by understanding which of the shared data is common and which part of the data is unique.
  • With that knowledge, set up mutual lead generation campaigns on owned media.

Onboarding & Programmatic

  • Make the connection between offline CRM contact data and online profiles.
  • Advertise on online media to your identified audience.
  • As an alternative to 3rd party cookies, leverage the power of data partnerships to fuel programmatic advertising.

Strategic partnerships

  • To prepare for a strategic partnership, include an analysis of common and complementary data.
  • Assess the added value of data on both sides of the partnership.

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How does it work?

The Black Tiger Belgium platform manages two types of data:

  • PII or personally identifiable information: all PII data can be pseudonomised (hashed) before integration in DataXchange. In this case none of the involved parties have access to actual identifiable individual information of any of the involved parties’ data. Not even Black Tiger Belgium sees the identifiable individual info, only hashed info.
  • Business variables (BV): all relevant variables contributed by the partners feeding DataXchange are readable data. The nature of these data depends on the use case. These variables can be based on optins, client buying behaviour, coupon redemption, info on life phases, car purchase data, spending, brand affinity, lifestyle information, scorings, online behaviour etcetera… The business variables are treated as readable data.

Data sharing should be done in a trusted setting, based on sound agreements between partners, and in full compliance with legal constraints or ethical standards.