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Acquiring new customers is undoubtedly a priority for any business. However, the real money is often only earned after that first sale, in the form of after-sales or services, subscriptions and, of course, up-selling and cross-selling. So companies need to think long-term when it comes to sales and customer satisfaction. And the quality of your customer relationship is closely linked to the quality and appropriate use of customer data to provide high quality communication and service.

Data quality? In fact, the optimal management of your customer relations!

To support their many challenges, brands rely heavily on personal data. After all, data is their greatest asset. However, international studies show that companies lose an average of 20% of their sales due to poor data quality. Because ultimately, it’s not about data or campaign performance, but about real people. Their customers…

The most successful companies, such as Toyota and Lexus, make their data quality strategy a real business priority. Black Tiger Belgium talked to the Head of Loyalty at Toyota Lexus Belgium about this.

“Ultimately, it is our prospects and customers who benefit from our constant focus on data quality, as we communicate with them in a correct, unambiguous and timely manner. We eliminate customer frustration as much as possible, for example by avoiding having to ask for their information repeatedly in all the different contacts they have with Toyota Belgium. The data is immediately available when it is needed to create an excellent customer journey.”

Head of Loyalty Toyota & Lexus Belgium

That’s why Toyota Belgium continually invests in a robust and future-proof data quality strategy, within the applicable legal framework, to meet the evolving business challenges of its brands. They rely on Black Tiger Belgium’s data expertise for over 20 years, and continues to do so, as an integral part of its data quality strategy.

The data challenge begins at the data entry stage, where both car brands immediately strive to ensure quality. After all, “garbage in is garbage out”. And throughout the customer lifecycle, both car brands must be able to rely on a guarantee of data accuracy at all times.

Moreover, the data never comes from only one side. Showroom visits, motor shows, offers, test requests, appointments, leads, sales orders, … All channels that generate consumer data. Toyota and Lexus achieve consumer focus by building a single view of the customer, across all touch points and data sources.

Data validation and unification are available in real time, so that correct data can be used in all business processes at all times.

Have you already thought about a solid data quality strategy? Black Tiger Belgium is happy to guide and assist you with data quality tools, unique reference files and implementation support.


Invest in your data now and get the benefits immediately. Don’t let planned price increases impact your marketing and operational ROI!