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Save money with better data

Don’t let expected price increases

decrease the ROI of marketing and


The new economic reality is confronting companies with ever increasing costs of paper, printing, postage, distribution, labor etc…

Consumer budgets are also tight, so you want them spending money with your consumer brand! Hence the importance of correct addresses to maximize campaign conversion!

Especially in times of distress, your business decisions need to be right the first time, based on correct, consolidated data!

How are YOU preparing to deal with this serious pressure on your marketing and operational ROI?

What is the level of data quality of your consumer data? 

How much money are you losing every day? 

Reduce costs & increase revenue

On average, a Belgian B2C company is unable to reach 6.75% of their active customers because of poor data

  • Optimize the efficiency of your postal communication & decrease the amount of postal returns
  • Avoid the cost and risk of contacting the wrong person
  • Decrease the number of customer complaints
  • Make invoice collection more efficient
  • Make sure not to lose connection with your customer and miss our on revenue streams. Increase campaign conversion! 
  • Make business decisions on right, consolidated data

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Start with a FREE*, easy B2C data quality audit, no strings attached, to calculate the ROI of data quality.

Let’s sign a Data Processing agreement, provide us safely and in all confidence your consumer data and we’ll give you a full status report: name and address, number of duplicates and movers etc…

* This offer is valid for B2C audits started (i.e. data received by Black Tiger Belgium), before November 30th, 2022

Good data quality : cost or worthwhile investment? Calculate your ROI!


Given the considerable costs involved in mail communication, as a marketer you obviously have every interest in avoiding unnecessary expenditure. Correcting movers addresses and eliminating duplicates has a direct impact.

Add to that avoiding missed sales because you can’t reach your customers, then investing in good data quality is totally a no-brainer!



Black Tiger Belgium can help you with the validation, correction and update of your Belgian consumer data. With over 40 years of experience in data matching and data quality, we can support you in auditing the quality of your existing customer database and propose you clear action points for a segmented and structural improvement of the quality of your data. After thorough discussion on your business needs, we will help you in validating exactly which data elements are still accurate, which data need corrections or updates.