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A company has more sales channels than most people think. By maximizing the experience in all the channels where the customer meets your company, you do more business and strengthen customer loyalty. Here are some tips to make the most of your digital and physical sales channels.

  • Use your invoices to flirt. Sure, an invoice has to contain certain information, but you can make it more personal. You can include a greeting, a discount coupon or send it in a fancy envelope, to name just a few examples. Adding a personal touch is an easy way to strengthen your brand and offer a positive customer experience. Consider similar touches for your annual report and other “musts”.         


  • Let customer service push the campaign. Customer service is one of the most important functions a company has. It gives you the chance to exceed the customer’s expectations and increase upsales by talking about current campaigns with everyone who calls. Look at customer service as a sales channel — it can produce amazing results. 


  • Strengthen your brand on Pinterest. You don’t always have to link your eye-catching product images in social media channels directly to the purchase page. The customer wants to know that others think you are good, and this is done through social media. If a blogger has given you a great review, link to it and you’ll provide the social proof your customer wants to make the purchase.  


  • Woo the doubter. A customer visits your website. If you have a web shop, their cart may fill up with products. But then the customer leaves to continue browsing — without closing the deal. Grab hold of this opportunity by using services for automated marketing and you’ll strengthen your website as a sales channel. You can, for example, cultivate customers who have abandoned their shopping cart by sending them an automated email message. You can also continue to woo everyone who has browsed your website by displaying your company’s banner on other websites they visit.


  • Correct your mistakes with a do-goody bag — a dissatisfied customer is an opportunity! Your complaints department can actually strengthen customer loyalty because they have every chance of impressing a customer and correcting a mistake. Listening and fixing problems quickly is the least you can do. After you’ve finished dealing with a complaint, why not send a do-goody bag to the customer to sooth the pain? This could be a gift, product samples or a handwritten card. Personal and unexpected!


  • Inspire with Instagram. The cell phone, where all information is conveniently and readily available, is well on its way to becoming the world’s most-used screen. This makes Instagram a perfect sales channel through which to offer inspiration and knowledge. Why not use it as a channel for tutorials and inspiring videos? If your company sells makeup, you can post makeup tips. A bakery might offer tips on the best Christmas recipe. And so on.


  • Reward your customer. Customer loyalty is everything. Look at the customer relationship as a marriage. Just because the ring is on the finger doesn’t mean that you should stop working on the relationship. So keep wooing your customer and make it unexpected — preferably not the day after a transaction. Offer loyalty discounts or arrange a VIP event. If you have a web shop, surprise a customer by upgrading snail mail to express delivery. It takes a lot less to keep a customer than to get a new one.