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Discover below the full interview of our CEO, Anne-Tania Desmettre, for the magazine CIO REVIEW Europe

Data is the lifeline for the 21st-century business environment as customers demand a personalised approach from their service providers. Hence, irrespective of industry, organisations collect customers’data on metrics ranging from demographic to behaviourial data and others to achieve a strategic edge and improve performance. In addition, personal data acts as fuel for several purposes, such as targeted marketing campaigns, enhance customer experience, making more informed business decisions and learning about their customers

However, as customers’ personal information – email, phone, address, and so on – keeps changing dynamically, organisations fail to maintain the quality of data on their systems in real-time. This significantly hampers their ability to gain actionable business insights. On the other hand, they are often at the sole discretion of data integrators to maintain the quality of data. Many a times, the integrators fail to maintain the data quality because they lack the vision to understand the organisations’ data requirements, how to create them, and the level of tolerance for errors. Anne-Tania Desmettre, a data analytics expert and the CEO at Black Tiger, reckons, “Unlike B2B data, B2C data has several variables included that pose significant challenges for the integrators, which hampers the data quality and becomes inconsequential for the organisations’ data analytics operations.”

Additionally, while dealing with personal data and information, organisations need to possess robust data protection practices in tune with the GDPR. This helps ensure that the data is not abused or used to be detrimental to the customer. To this end, they need a single source of truth that allows them to store, stream, and deliver the personal data where they need it, when they need it, from a centralised data warehouse, all while being compliant with the necessary regulations.

Enter Black Tiger

The France-based software company offers a big data platform that unifies all of the organisations’ business data, enabling them to manage and monitor all information and operational services related to personal data in real-time. “We are the only end-to-end big data platform specialised in personal data management, “GDPR as Code” and adaptable to organisations’ daily business use cases, ” states Anne-Tania. Black Tiger’s big data platform natively supports data quality and compliance issues, allowing orgnaisations to centralise, cleanse, structure, and exploit data at a single location. This enables teams across the organisation to improve performance measurement, gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions to support organisational objectives.

“We are the only end-to-end big data platform specialised in personal data management, “GDPR as Code” and adaptable to organisations’ daily business use cases”

Notably, the company has over 30 years of experience handling personal data for organisations across banking, automotive, e-commerce, and several other industries.

Manage Data, All at One Place

Established in 1989, Black Tiger simplifies organisations’ digital transformation journey and provides a definitive edge to support their evolution. The company’s platform acts as a complete data lake and data warehouse stack, natively integrating all the functionalities that the organisations expect from their big data platform, including data ingestion, change data capture (CDC), data aggregation framework, data management, monitoring, and exhibition. The platform is structured around three modules : the data gouvernance module, the business data activation module and the GDPR compliance module. The data governance module simplifies the integration of data by standardising the data ensuring information traceability. The module delivers data profiling processes for an intelligent recognition of personal data, enabling organisations to maximis the use of customer data from the integration phase. Besides, while other platforms need expert integrators to develop quality algorithms to define organisations requirements for the manipulation of personal data, the data governance module of the Black Tiger platform, with a set of packaged algorithms, automates the data quality process. “Our unified platform addresses all the data quality issues, allowing organisations to rectify any business issues regarding personal data as well as customise the platform to meet their specific requirements,” explains Anne-Tania.

Moreover, the business data activation module of the Black Tiger platform, leveraging various AI tools enhances the organisations’ 360-degree customer vision. It unlocks value into organisations’ data and helps them gain actionable intelligence into their products and services. Further, the platform also delivers intuitive data visualisation feature, allowing organisations to understand their data effortlessly using pie chart, graph, or another type of visual presentation. And finally, the GDPR compliance module helps organisations build on ethical operating environment by ensuring complete and continuous GDPR compliance through the cleverness data legal system (CLS) method. The platform implements all the 99 articles of the GDPR, allowing organisations to build well-qualified prospects and customer relationships. The Black Tiger platform offers DPO dashboard for the implementation of a management interface for the DPO, with proof of conformity in case of control, enabling organisations to fill the GDPR compliance gaps. The GDPR compliance module also has consent management processes that logs and tracks consent collection to guide GDPR compliance. Nonetheless, the platform offers an impact analysis score to control the risk of exploitation of personal data. “A strong ethics is in the DNA of our company, and we already had ethical standards in place in 2015, three years before the GDPR was introduced,” informs Anne-Tania.

“Our unified platform addresses all the data quality issues, allowing organisations to rectify any business issues regarding personal data and customise the platform to meet their specific requirements”

What’s more, with open-source architecture, the platform seamlessly integrates with all technologica environments, from cloud to on-premise systems, supports any data formats, and is interoperable with any business intelligence tool. Additionally, to help organisations’s integrators take control of the risks and optimise the delivery, the Black Tiger platform constitutes a project framework for any data project by offering a chain of continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) methods, predefined significant data functionalities and a catalogue of business processing jobs.

A Cut Above the Rest

The most significant differentiating aspect of Black Tiger is that the company considers all the matters pertaining to data as one subject. Anne-Tania explains, “In our experience, we have observed that organisations have separate teams to handle data quality, operations, GDPR, and IT issues. All this hinders their ability to get a unified view of the data, hampering their performance to a large extent. “On the other hand, the Black Tiger platform enables organisations to handle data as one unique subject in a highly agile, cost-effective and secure environment. This allows them to create a synergy between their operations and IT teams.

The company has millions of uses cases where it has helped organisations leverage personal data to the full. For instance, Anne-Tania shares a customer success story of the Japanese automotive giant, Honda, which could not leverage its data completely due to GDPR concerns. However, once they deployed the Black Tiger platform, the company helped them find the correct levels of personal data usage and improve their bottom line while maintaining complete compliance to the GDPR at the same time.

With several such success stories, Black Tiger now plans to expand its services across continents and help organisations across the globe solve their data quality issues. The company already possesses AI tools and algorithms on its platform for catering to the specific requirements of organisations outside Europe. Further, the company also intends to develop strategies to handle GDPR in the U.S., Brazil and other countries that implement modified GDPR. “We want our clients to have complete control of their data. And, we keep innovating our platform to help them gain quick and easy access to their data without any IT intervention,” concludes Anne-Tania.

Paul John – October 08,2021

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