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Bisnode Belgium becomes part of the Black Tiger family

Black Tiger completed the acquisition of Bisnode Belgium.  Paris based Black Tiger is a personal data expert company, upholding very high ethical standards.

Anne-Tania Desmettre (CEO Black Tiger’); ‘I am very excited to welcome Bisnode Belgium in the Black Tiger family. I am convinced that joining forces will be an important step towards both companies’ future growth. We have a very clear vision on personal data, where GDPR plays a major role and will further develop software, embedded with services. Customers can count on us to bring them into the next data era.

Szymon Ciach (CEO Bisnode Belgium): “Joining Black Tiger in their growth journey is an important milestone for Bisnode Belgium. I’m very excited about the future vision and new opportunities that are opening for both companies! With the rapidly changing technology and constant market evolution, we need strong and inspirational partners, who can help us deliver better data solutions and services.”


Black Tiger’s purpose is to help customers use their client’s personal data with full compliancy.

When built-up in 2015, the company was able to rapidly grow, thanks to the 30 years expertise in data. Combining this level of knowledge with the core expertise of Bisnode Belgium will be the basis for future successful growth.

Keywords: personal data expertise – services – software – gdpr mastery


Black Tiger has a clear objective to become a European and even worldwide leader in ethical personal data management.  With the acquisition of Bisnode Belgium, Black Tiger is taking a clear step towards the desired growth


Black Tiger has a solid structure of shareholders, bringing both strong industry and institutional financial support, with Keyrus (a technology consulting firm specialized in assisting companies in the fields of digital transformation- https://www.keyrus.com/en/) and the Mercure Fund (Banque Populaire). Bisnode Belgium built strong position with its customers over the years, which will be further supported by Black Tiger. Trust remains our most important value.

Black Tiger – Leader in data certification

Leader in data certification, Black Tiger is the editor of the Black Tiger Platform, the only Big Data platform specialized in personal data management, “GDPR as Code” and adaptable to your daily business reality. A true 2nd generation ERP, it allows you to manage and monitor, on a daily basis, all information and operational services related to the use of personal data. In short, the Black Tiger Platform allows you to centralize, cleanse, structure and exploit data to enrich your activities and offer a real-time view of customer data.

Based in Paris (France), the company is organized around a multi-cultural executive committee with members coming from the IT, defense, automotive and aerospace industries.

Black Tiger’s teams, passionate about innovation, evolve in an environment that favors the expression of each employee’s potential through an ambitious corporate project.

Black Tiger works in all sectors: automotive, banking, insurance, charity, retail, energy, leisure, etc…

A real human adventure whose objective is to create the first solution that focuses on the ethical exploitation of data.



Q: How will this acquisition impact me as a client?
A: it’s going business as usual for our clients: All contracts will remain the same and you will keep your Bisnode Belgium point of contact. The partnership with Black Tiger will expand our value proposition in the future, offering new modern data solutions in Belgium and high level of GDPR compliancy.

Q: What are the key benefits of the deal for me?
A: First of all we want to make sure you understand that Bisnode Belgium will continue to operate in the same way. The main contribution will be on technology and GDPR compliancy.

Black Tiger and Bisnode Belgium are leading and trusted companies in the field of data, technology and services. The opportunities extend across the areas of data, technologies, software, services and employees. We are convinced that we can already offer new opportunities in the short to medium term to accelerate growth. You will be duly informed when we can present new data, GDPR  and service solutions to you, to even better serve you in the future.

Q: Will my current contract remain in place with Bisnode Belgium as part of the transaction?
A:  All contracts will remain in place.

Q: Who will be my point of contact?
A: You can expect your point of contact to remain the same. Your Bisnode Belgium relationship managers will continue to interact with you using the same channels and processes as are currently in place.

Q: Will the products and services we receive from Bisnode Belgium change as a result of the Black Tiger acquisition?
A: For now, it’s  business as usual and Bisnode Belgium will continue to operate in the same way.

Q: Who should I contact with additional questions?
A: Please contact your Bisnode Belgium point of contact if you have any further questions.