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Did you know that on average, a Belgian company fails to reach 6.75% of its active customers because of bad data? Data quality is therefore a necessity for every company. Because “Garbage in is Garbage out”! However, technological developments have profoundly changed the way we work. Lynn Van Avermaet – Solution Leader DQ at Black Tiger Belgium, tells us about the new trends that make data quality even more important for companies.

“The bulk of companies are working on data quality in a ‘loose’ way, but would benefit from a focused approach to successfully roll out DQ

Based on more than 30 years of experience with Belgian and international personal data, Black Tiger Belgium has not only developed powerful tools, but has also refined the methodology to implement a data quality strategy.”

Lynn Van Avermaet - Solution Leader DQ

These DQ tools have recently evolved significantly to meet some clear trends in (personal) data processing. An overview.

Reference files and AI for better data

Traditionally, reference files, such as a street reference file, are mainly used. But to take recognition rates to the next level, or when such lists are not available, Black Tiger Belgium is fully committed to AI.

AI also often offers good solutions in the context of internationalisation. In Belgium, we have a long tradition of high-quality DQ reference files, enabling first-class processes in terms of standardisation, normalisation, identification and de-duplication. But what if your company goes global? Then the combination of open data and AI provides the solution.

DQ ‘on premise’

In parallel with the digital transformation of companies, the rapid availability of clean and correct data has become indispensable. Batch processing is therefore preferably replaced by online web services. We also see that companies prefer to keep these data quality processes entirely within the company and opt for an internalised live flow (e.g. ESB or message queueing). In this case, the integration of a number of specialised DQ software components provides support, to enable this “DQ on premise”.

Even when master data is stored in different systems (and must remain there), such a set of easily integrated software components is the solution to guarantee the right level of data quality.

GDPR and data quality, side by side

Companies increasingly understand that the GDPR and DQ must go side by side. However, privacy legislation can only be complied with if it is technologically integrated into the company’s tools and processes and applies to all personal data in real time and on a continuous basis. With the right software, however, the GDPR should not be a punishment, but a real opportunity, to go 100% for consumers’ rights!

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