Road65 Address Normalization

Key in the foundation of a good data management & data quality approach

An easy-to-use address normalization tool

Tackle the complexity of Belgian addresses to improve address normalization and deduplication

With Road65, Black Tiger Belgium has been offering an easy-to-use address normalization tool for the last decades. Belgium is a small country, but its address structure and different languages don’t make address normalization and address deduplication any easier.

With a proven track record, we are serving more than 100 companies with Belgian customer data on a continuous basis, in sectors like bank & insurance, media, retail, automotive, business services, etc. And of course, Road 65 is embedded in the basic layer of all data quality and data management solutions Black Tiger Belgium is offering.

Road 65 is built to smoothly integrate address normalization in your existing processes, using offline or webservice versions containing up to date address information of all addresses in Belgium.

This tool provides:

  • easy and correct data entry for your staff members and customers (including autofill guidance)
  • easy address recognition and deduplication

All thanks to the availability of a large amount of reference data:  the official address in multiple languages (when applicable), variants, historical street names and typical writing errors. We provide information on correct abbreviations of addresses depending on your needs.


Road 65

challenges of a Belgian omni-channel apparel retailer

"The Road 65 streetreference and recognition software provides the apparel retailer with added value in many domains, both operational as marketing and has become an indispensible tool for driving a healthy business, stimulating revenue and cutting costs."

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Use cases

Support easy data entry

Attract new customers

  • Time-saving solution offered to your consumers (webforms, app) and staff members (call centers, encoding, …)
  • Avoid high drop-offs from your webforms and customer frustrations
  • Increase quality and address completeness and decrease waste

Clean data input

  • ‘Garbage in is garbage out’. In a data-driven company, your processes rely so much on data that incorrect data is not acceptable and can lead to loss in revenue, efficiency and image
  • Link normalized address data in real time to your existing client database, geo-tools, insights and marketing automation solutions

Optimize postal mailings

  • Use correct abbreviations of the addresses on the envelope and adapt the address for bi-lingual regions according to customer preferences
  • Decrease postal returns by making sure addresses are correct and your communications can be delivered. Imagine what you could do with the money you now spend on postal returns: wasted prints & stamps, handling of postal returns, resending of invoices or important paperwork, lost revenue.

Improve operational processes

  • Streamline your operational processes, like the efficiency of the delivery of postal packages, by integrating real time address normalization, in interative or batch usage
  • Organize continued monitoring of address quality as part of your data management approach, in an automated way
  • Link the addresses in input immediately with relevant operational info on address level available at the client’s side

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How does it work?

Algorithms and reference data

Road65 is a solution in 2 parts:

  • algorithms to search, identify and normalize addresses
  • The reference data (updated 4 times a year) that support the strength of the tool

Both are built on 40 years of experience to go the extra mile in recognition and performance.

Different versions are available in offline and in webservice, depending on your needs, both in license system. Both offer different functionalities.

Black Tiger Belgium developed a unique StreetID (SID) that identifies a street, regardless of language or change in street name, to allow us and you to implement a unique identifier for all streets in Belgium.

Road65 webservices are more and more implemented by our clients, offering robust and real-time solutions for your online, interactive and 24/7-on available solutions for your consumers. Our team of experts are available for support in data related questions and in support in the setup of your Road65 implementation.
  • Easy to integrate in your internal systems, different versions available
  • Depending on your internal systems, we will define together the appropriate version. Thanks to specific documentation you will be able to integrate the webservice easily as an integral part of your internal systems. In case of questions, our support team is available for questions.

  • Realtime and 24/7 availability of the tools
  • Depending on your needs, Black Tiger Belgium can offer real time services that are available 24/7 for you to be able to service your staff members, customers and internal systems on a continuous basis.