The GDPR module

A GDPR module that watches over your full compliance

For a "by design & by default" GDPR compliance

The question we asked ourselves is the following:

« How can we implement the 99 law articles of the GDPR in an operational platform? »

This complexity requires a tangible compliance method to be implemented. This is why Black Tiger Belgium has created and developed the GDPR module, a technical GDPR module which is based on risk management. This allows us to help our clients at :

  • Their own compliance as data controllers
  • The maintenance of their commercial prospecting and loyalty activities
  • The construction of well-qualified prospects and customers relationships
  • The risk management of personal data processing through an impact analysis score
  • The implementation of a user interface for the DPO, with proof of conformity in case of control

A full GDPR compliance directly embedded in an operational solution

Rights of the data subject

  • Management of the Rights of the Data Subjects. Automation of the request process
  • Applications' Compliance
  • Consent Management. Proof of consent and analytical reports
  • Preference management
  • History log of actions

GDPR Risk Management

  • Automation of the GDPR risk assessment through a score
  • Register of processing activities
  • Impact assessments

Retention period

  • Description of the retention period calculation
  • Configurable purge algorithm per client and per sector
  • Anonymization process

Management of data processors

  • Description of the registration process for a new Data processor
  • Register of processing activities
  • For each data processor. Monitoring of contracts and GDPR clauses | Legal warranties and security measures | Direct access survey | Data breach history


  • General data measures | General system security measures | Organizational measures
  • Management of security incidents and breaches. Description of the incident handling process | DPA notification form

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