DQ Validation & Correction

Validate, correct and update your customer data

An ongoing DQ strategy to keep your data up to date and correct

Data is not a constant. Your customer database changes as much as the customers in it.

Nowadays, all companies are de facto data driven. But data driven should mean much more than having a lot of data. Being really data driven is making sure that you secure the future of your company, using available (personal) data to service your customer in the best possible way, resulting in high satisfaction, GDPR compliancy, efficiency and a solid business strategy for the future.

It all begins and ends with good data quality management.

Black Tiger Belgium can help you with the validation, correction and update of your Belgian consumer data. With over 40 years of experience in data matching and data quality, we can support you in auditing the quality of your existing customer database and propose you clear action points for a segmented and structural improvement of the quality of your data. After thorough discussion on your business needs, we will help you in validating exactly which data elements are still accurate, which data need corrections or updates.

Black Tiger Belgium can also advise you on how to implement a data quality strategy to guarantee a higher level of quality on the personal data that you are responsible for on a continuous basis, in a cost-efficient and GDPR-compliant way.




Poor data quality, source of loss and risk!

"Research by Black Tiger Belgium shows that, on average, a Belgian company is unable to reach 6.75% of their active customers because of poor data, causing them to miss out on 6.75% of direct campaign driven revenue"

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Use cases

Data Quality with a purpose

Reduce costs & increase revenue

  • Optimize the efficiency of your postal communication & decrease the amount of postal returns
  • Avoid the cost and risk of contacting the wrong person
  • Make sure not to lose connection with your customer and miss out on revenue streams

Let your data quality strategy do the work for you

  • Improving your data quality is an important investment. Let the experts support you in creating an efficient data quality strategy
  • Start with an easy data quality audit, no strings attached
  • On average every year 10% of the Belgian population moves, your customer database is evolving every day with new records and changes: a continuous and automated approach is to be preferred to avoid manual work

GDPR compliance supported by data quality

  • As a data controller, you understand that GDPR and Data Quality go hand in hand and take necessary measures to fulfill your GDPR obligation (Article 5.1.d)

Customer Experience is key

  • Customer satisfaction issues are often related to data quality issues. Increasing the quality of of your data is an important step to service your customer adequately and improve their customer experience

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How does it work?

Data matching expertise and reference data

Black Tiger Belgium has developed data quality tools focusing on the improvement of the quality of the personal data in your customer database: validation, correction and updating of name, first name, date of birth and address, in real time or in automated batch solutions in function to your specific needs.

We can add extra value to these data quality tools by using the referential data we’ve built based on legitimate interest for DQ purposes. Using our long experiencing in compiling different commercial data sources, audited and with strict quality checks, into one solid reference file for data quality purposes with the biggest coverage in movers on the Belgian market, we can also support you with flagging and delivery of address updates in case of movers and with other data quality improvements where requested.

We treat your data with the upmost respect. Data security is very important for us.

Depending on your needs, Black Tiger Belgium can offer specific services in data validation and correction in automated batch and/or real-time webservices.

  • Audit the quality of your customer database as an important first step
  • Getting an objective view on the quality of your customer database is a relevant first step in your plan to improve your data quality

  • Data Quality solutions in function of your specific needs
  • Depending on your needs, Black Tiger Belgium can offer specific services in data validation and correction in automated batch and/or real-time webservices