Data Management

Unique client view thanks to our end-to-end technology

  • Manage your first party customer data in a qualitative customer data solution allowing you to keep and grow your customer base.
  • Need skills as much as tools (or even more)? Rely on our data specialists to take you to the next level.  
  • Discover what connecting your data with second party data partners can mean for you.

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Manage your first party data with a state-of-the art customer data platform

  • Enjoy a unique services & software combination provided by a local partner with 30+ year of experience in data management
  • Data integration, identity, segmentation, contact management, GDPR compliance, dashboards and analytics, digital marketing automation... from all-in-one to modular build.
  • Local data hosting. High performance in terms of speed, data accuracy and connectivity with operational or other marketing systems

Connect with second party data with  one or more partners

  • Enhance your insights, reach or data value  by connecting your data with your data partners
  • Build trust and privacy ethics by connecting your data to a secure platform managed by a neutral party
  • Rely on our high matching skills and excellent activation services such as data analysis, modeling, reach activation…

Rely on a data management partner

  • You have the tools, but could use some help? Extend your team with our data specialists, adapting to your needs
  • Compose your support team dipping into our pool of data specialists: technical data engineers, CRM specialists, data scientists or data consultants

Set up marketing automation

  • Deliver high user experiences whilst ensuring ROI with data driven automated customer journeys
  • Rely on our knowledge on data, tools and marketing to actually make marketing automation work for you

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Black Tiger sells its B2B business to Roularta Media Group

Black Tiger Belgium is divesting its B2B business to Roularta Media Group, thereby initiating a transfer of historical competences and clients to the multimedia group, the market leader in magazines...

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Success Stories (LN24)

Success Stories (LN24) Anne-Tania Desmettre, CEO of Black Tiger, had the pleasure to be invited on the set of the program Success Stories (LN24) and to discuss the Black Tiger platform, personal data management and GDPR with Pierre Hermant. (video in french)

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Black Tiger comes to Belgium, an obvious step

When the Black Tiger Group acquired Bisnode Belgium on March 31, the Parisian software publisher knew that it was settling in a strong country of the European Union...

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Take a virtual look behind the scenes of our new data center

"We're moving our data center ". If you are a data company, this means nothing less than that you are about to move the beating heart of your business. We chose to work with LCL in Diegem, ...

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